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 Help Jojo find a boyfriend!!

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PostSubject: Help Jojo find a boyfriend!!   Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:48 pm

Hey guys, I have a DNA tested hen ducorps cockatoo, slightly insane (like her owner :P) feather plucker and screamer, semi tame, loves to come out of her cage but not that keen on going back in. This little girlie would really benefit from having company of her own kind as in her previous home she had very little attention. I honestly think a companion would do her wonders, so please please please, for her sake and the sake of my sanity, if you hear of anyone looking for an experienced, permanent and loving home for their male ducorps, then feel free to send them my way! Rescue and sanctuary work is bleeding my own personal funds dry, so unfortunately cannot afford the ridiculous prices some are charging. Im not worried about how tame/sane he is, as long as he is in good health albeit possibly minus feathers too. Swearers arent minded either! Thanks a million if anyone can help. Becky
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Help Jojo find a boyfriend!!
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